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'Hotpants' - a Musical by Dick Lee 14 to 30 August 2014

Dick Lee's 1997 musical Hotpants makes a comeback this August, starring Denise Tan, Dwayne Tan, Kimberly Chan, Shankara, Nikki Muller, Tabitha Nauser, Eleanor Tan, Cheryl Tan, Windson Liong and Joakim Gomez. Here's more information:

This August, Singapore’s most beloved singing sensation, Dick Lee celebrates the 40th anniversary of his remarkable music career with the revival of his kaleidoscopic musical comedy, “HOTPANTS”.

This is the musical’s second run after its debut staging in 1997 and audiences can expect a new star-studded cast as well as a fresh take in the musical’s direction. The production will journey through an incredible walk down memory lane, reminiscence of the splashy 70s, which is filled with hilarity, hope, and of course - hot pants!

Featuring 10 unconventional, cheeky and spectacularly entertaining characters, the story unfolds as three female schoolmates enter an inter-school Talentime. As the trio goes on an expedition of self-discovery, the combination of peculiar mothers, and a common love interest makes for a whole lot of controversy.

Dick Lee, the writer and director of the musical says, “For my 40th anniversary, I want to do something reminiscent of when I first started my music career in the 70s, so I thought why not a revival of Hotpants? I’m so eager to see how it will play out with this new breed of amazingly talented young artistes.”

Radio DJ, Denise Tan leads the pack as Connie Foo, an energetic and restless housewife while established stage actor, Dwayne Tan takes on the role of Alfie Foo, Connie’s boring husband. Together they are joined on stage by TV host, Nikki Muller, who plays the racy Suzy de Souza, a single mom with a saucy affair. Also in the cast is Singapore idol alumni, Tabitha Nauser and Joakim Gomez.

Producer, Annie Pek says, “I would like to congratulate Dick Lee on his 40th year in music, and I feel truly privileged to be collaborating with him for this musical. I think this production will resonate with all audiences, especially teens and their Parents”.


Set in the early 1970s, HOTPANTS is an ensemble musical comedy, featuring 10 quirky, identifiable and loveable characters coming to terms with the changing times.

Focusing on the journey of three mother-daughter pairs whose lives take a turn when the three schoolmates decide to join an inter-school Talentime.

Nellie is a strict disciplinarian at home and at St. Bernadette’s Convent, where she teaches. Her daughter Penny is a shy plain Jane, with a hidden talent for song-writing, and she competes against her younger brother, Chris in the Talentime.

Penny’s second cousin, Daphne is a spoilt princess, and is very similar to her energetic and restless housewife mother, Connie, whose dull husband, Alfie teaches at boys’ school, St. Peter’s Institution.

Rounding up the families is the progressive Suzy De Souza, single mom to talented, Sharon. Suzy also happens to be the secretary to St. Peter’s Vice-Principal, Rodney, with whom she is having a secret affair. Add to the mix, the wild and attractive Desmond, two-times stay-back classmate
of Chris, and the romantic target of the three girls.

The story twists and turns with funny moments and catchy songs, as our dysfunctional protagonists fumble and stumble their way through a rapidly evolving world, filled with strange new pop music, modern morals, and – yes, Hotpants!

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