Tuesday, July 22, 2014

MBS's 'The Sound of Music' in Review

The last time I saw the famous movie has to be more than 10 years ago, so while the songs are still familiar I had forgotten most of the storyline by now. I do remember it being quite a cute movie despite some bits about Nazis at the end.

So I came expecting what was essentially kids entertainment, with it's cast of singing and dancing children, it's probably not all that different from a Disney movie, or so I thought. Instead, it's themes of familial love lost and found moved me in an unexpected yet subtle, unobtrusive way. A sinister sentiment lingers throughout the show, the onset of Austria's takeover by Nazi Germany cast a shadow that I slipped my notice earlier.

The broad MBS stage was reduced to fit the smaller touring sets, but what intricately designed these sets are, recreating the vast expanse of the Austrian mountains and the elegance of a European villa.

My hats off to Bethany Dickson for successfully essaying the lengthy role of Maria. While the songs and dance moves are, to my eyes and ears, not all that tough, she has to carry the show in almost every scene and what little time offstage is spent in costume changes. Janelle Visagie as Mother Abbess sang a show stopping rendition of Climb Ev'ry Mountain, capped off with a whooping high A.

So this was a truly magical night, one where the international cast and crew managed to entertain, inspire and touch it's audience. Its for anyone looking for a fun yet nonetheless touching experience. Its certainly one of the most fun and meaningful nights at the theatre for me.

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